Manhattan bound

Spring has arrived and it's important to make good transitions with your wardrobe.  In New York, it often doesn't get too warm until May or June so I'm always looking for something that compliments the weather here. This lightweight sweatshirt from H&M was a hit for me. It's perfect for the cool mornings and late [...]



Many may be asking just who is this Bryson Tiller guy?  The one who has pretty much taken over the R&B lane and everyone’s girl in the process.  The melodic tunes over somewhat harder trap beats, for lack of better words, creates a sound that is perfect for today’s genre of music and what we [...]

Chic meets street

Living in New York, the main thing that I have come to focus on is being comfortable.  A lot of my clothes are not that casual but I've learned I do not have to compromise my look .  It's perfectly fine to incorporate sneakers and still be quite stylish.  Here I kept it pretty simple [...]