LA Edition: Part 1


For those of you who may not be aware, my love for LA is insurmountable and forever growing.  Each time I visit, I fall more and more in love with this place.  The air is different, the people are genuinely nice and the warmer weather that exists, even with winter approaching, is a major plus.  I recently visited during the Thanksgiving holiday and decided to do an LA edition on the blog.  The style of dress will definitely be different when looking at ensembles for the City of Angels versus the Big Apple.  Known for having a more laid back vibe and chill atmosphere, this can be noticed in the pieces chosen for my LA trip.  You don’t really have to overthink it.  Simply a flannel or bomber jacket with nice jeans seems very fitting for the LA vibe.  Pictured here, I went with a cool bomber I purchased in New Orleans at Garb Boutique back in November.  Living in NY, I thought I was going to have to wait until spring to wear it but luckily I didn’t.  I paired the bomber with an over-sized Calvin Klein tee from Urban Outfitters, black denim from Old Navy and my favorite adidas. Comfy and stylish all in the same.  Normally I have jam packed days in LA, trying to soak it all in within the 5-day span, so comfort is key.  Check out more pics below and be sure to check back for other LA posts soon to come.






Floral Obsession


Summer is perfect to bring out floral print.  I’m absolutely obsessed!  The pants pictured here, I’ve owned for at least 4 or 5 years I believe.  I purchased them from Urban Outfitters and could never seem to find a top to compliment them.  While looking for something else one day in my closet, I ran across these and decided it’s time to wear them.  I went with a simple black cropped top purchased from H&M.  Since the pants have quite a few colors in them, the black pairs well.  For the shoes, I wore my favs for this summer;  my go to mules from Old Navy.  Purchasing these shoes may have been the best decision I’ve made all summer.  I literally wear them with everything and they are so comfy. The clutch is also from H&M and was another lucky steal I’ve gotten over the summer since it was only $7.  Check out the other full outfit pictures below.






Summer 16′ Must Haves


It’s finally warming up in NYC and I am completely overjoyed.  It took quite some time this year seeing that it’s now June but I can live with that.  Rompers and comfy shoes are must haves when living in New York.  You want something quick and cute to throw on and if you’re going to do a bit of walking, which is expected here, comfort is key.  I purchased this romper at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.  Being a huge fan of animal print since way back when definitely worked in my favor.  The shoes I’m wearing are mules that I happened to find at Old Navy.  These shoes have to be some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve owned.  I conquered a full day in NYC in these with no problem and to top of it off, they were only $10.99.  Definitely a steal! In my opinion, rompers and a nice comfy sandal are must haves for this summer.  More full outfit pics below.




The Motto: Own it


Own the Day.  These 3 simple words mean so much and definitely represent my motto in life.  Designed by Brooklyn-based company WCIBF, the white Champion sweatshirt with the black writing compliments my denim dad hat so well.  I think I’m officially obsessed with the new dad hat trend but that’s okay.  Urban Outfitters made it so easy once they made this ‘Babe’ hat. There was no second guessing the purchase of this.  I’m also wearing the oh so popular NMDs, which can be seen in the other pictures below.  Be sure to ‘Own It’! Each and everyday we have 24 hours to make something happen that we want to happen.  Let’s do this!





His & Hers


Camo and denim are definitely in at the moment.  The camo shirt that I’m wearing happened to get a little too snug for my fiance and he suggested throwing it out when we were spring cleaning.  I said I would naturally so it would look like I’m contributing to getting rid of some things that we just don’t wear anymore but I secretly sneaked it back in the closet for myself.  Paired with black denim overalls and the oh so famous ‘dad hat’ that’s very trendy currently, I was able to pull off a nice and casual tomboy look for the day. I cannot forget to mention  I’m wearing the comfy NMDs made by Adidas.  Adidas for the win with these! So the next time your significant other asks to help with spring cleaning and toss things out, take a second look and see if it can be of use in your wardrobe.  We all have to stay resourceful and this definitely helped to achieve the look I was going for.