Don’t Mind if I DO

Living in New York, you quickly learn the trendy spots that take foodies by storm.  We are always looking for the next best dessert, dinner or brunch spot to showcase and recommend to friends.  With that, I present DO.  The place that actually promotes indulging in as much cookie dough as you like.  Yes I said cookie dough.  You know that childhood favorite thing to sneak a taste of right before the cookie batch made it to the oven.

DO serves scoops of cookie dough of all flavors including classics like chocolate chip and sugar or more fancy ones like gimme s’more or peanut butter snickerdoodle; their creative takes on a classic s’more or snickerdoodle cookie.  They also have a handful of other delightful treats like their cookie dough ice cream sandwich, cupcakes, milkshakes, sundaes and freshly baked cookies.  I decided to try the ice cream sandwich which did not disappoint.  I will say to hurry and take your best picture for your insta or snap before the ice cream melts :-).  So now you can still sneak a bit of the cookie dough before you bake a fresh batch or simply visit DO and order it by the scoop.  It’s DOlicious!!

Taco Tuesday


Atlanta is definitely becoming the home of new and unforgettable places to dine.  Bartaco, located on Marietta St, undeniably left a lasting impression on me.  I am always looking for the new hot spots when I visit home and was so glad my friend recommended this place to grab dinner and catch up over drinks.  The ambiance here is very relaxed and inviting for a nice girls out.  We sat directly near the outside dining area; close enough to catch the summer breeze.  Before I even placed my order, I knew I would love it solely based on the vibe the restaurant gave upon entering and taking a seat.

There’s a nice selection of food as well but not too overwhelming when it becomes too hard to choose what you want.  We all know that feeling.  From various tacos, rice bowls, quesadillas and salads; all of which sounded very appetizing. We ordered guacamole for the table which was amazingly fresh and tasty.  I went with the duck and fried oyster tacos.  Great is an understatement! I also tried their rendition of Mexican corn which was a great addition to my meal.  Just enough chipotle-like mayo, cotija cheese and spices added to provide the perfect combination of flavors. If I hadn’t taken small samples of everyone else’s food, I probably would of double backed on the fried oyster taco.  The oysters were cooked to perfection.  Some of the girls ordered rice bowls with toppings of their choice and other taco selections.  The cocktails were quite refreshing as well.

It felt like a beach should be in near sight or accessible to allow for a stroll after drinks.  Upon reading the story about the restaurant, the beach and coastal vibes were mentioned in the description and this place definitely gives off those vibes.  Very chilled and relaxing environment.  It was perfect for our girls night out and I will definitely be back.  Their upscale street food is definitely worth a try.  Check out more pics below and pay them a visit if you’re in the Atlanta area.





Greene St Vibes

imageLiving in New York, you come to learn that dressing comfortably is key.  I eyed this t-shirt dress from H&M for awhile and finally decided to just grab a small and see how it fitted later.  To my surprise, this dress fit perfectly!  A great investment for the summer and definitely worth the $14.99.  I paired it with a quilted rose gold patterned ‘Van-like’slip on shoe from Steve Madden.  These shoes are pretty comfy as well.  Pairing these with all black seemed to highlight the shoe more in my perspective and went well with this street comfy style.  I was Soho ready with this look.  Check out more pics below.





A look inside BR99


IMG_0557Pop-up stores are definitely making a good stint this year in NYC. Bleacher Report teamed up with the owner of Kith, Ronnie Fieg, and hosted one of their own here in Soho called BR99.  There was tons of merchandise from tees, shorts, towels, hats, hoodies, etc.  Some items were branded with 99 for this specialty pop-up and other things simply kept the KITH name or enlarged K.  Since Bleacher Report is sports based, there were a lot of other activities one could partake in at this pop-up, particularly in the lounge located upstairs.  Being a big fan of air hockey, I was definitely excited when I saw this and decided to play a few games.  You could also play NBA 2K or even create a meme using popular viral videos that we’ve seen so far this year.

The pop-up wouldn’t be complete without Kith Treats.  The Kith store in Brooklyn, NY offers Kith Treats which includes their ice cream cereal swirl and a good handful of cereal and candy toppings; perfect for a hot summer day right?  This pop-up offered 2 specialties. One created by none other than the #1 NBA draft pick, Ben Simmons, which included captain crunch, cookie dough and Twix for the toppings.  The other one was created by the Bleacher Report team and included fruity pebbles, captain crunch berries and blue marshmallows for toppings.  Sugar rush indeed!

This was definitely a great pop-up to say the least.  Its open until 6/30 so if you are in the area, stop by and check it out. More pics below.








An Evening Look


I am absolutely obsessed with jumpers this summer. I stumbled upon this little beauty in H&M of course; I think I’m a bit obsessed with this store as well. You can always find something cute to wear in here, even when you’re not necessarily looking for anything.  I wanted a nice look for a dinner but mainly wanted to focus on comfort yet staying stylish at the same time.  I’d been eyeing this jumper a few times and figured I would try it on to see how it actually fit.  It was perfect! Wide legged, made with the perfect material to keep cool on a summer night and was the perfect length with the right shoe.  This piece is something I feel you can wear for any occasion and can be dressed up or down, depending on where you’re going.  I paired the jumper with BCBG sandals that I hadn’t worn in quite some time but went perfectly with this.  With black, you can always add a pop of color with a shoe or accessory so I chose a hot pink sandal lined with black to compliment this outfit.  Dinner date ready! More full pics below.




Summer 16′ Must Haves


It’s finally warming up in NYC and I am completely overjoyed.  It took quite some time this year seeing that it’s now June but I can live with that.  Rompers and comfy shoes are must haves when living in New York.  You want something quick and cute to throw on and if you’re going to do a bit of walking, which is expected here, comfort is key.  I purchased this romper at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago.  Being a huge fan of animal print since way back when definitely worked in my favor.  The shoes I’m wearing are mules that I happened to find at Old Navy.  These shoes have to be some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve owned.  I conquered a full day in NYC in these with no problem and to top of it off, they were only $10.99.  Definitely a steal! In my opinion, rompers and a nice comfy sandal are must haves for this summer.  More full outfit pics below.






One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016, Views, has finally arrived and in my opinion, met its expectations. Views is coming from the one and only Drake and to add to the hype of this album, he decided to do several pop-ups before its actual release on 4.29.16.  New York was the location for the first pop-up store sponsored by Beats by Dre. Fans like myself were able to pick up the tee pictured above complimentary to show his appreciation and also keep focus and high energy on the long awaited album. Nothing too fancy on the inside of the store; just a ton of Views tees on clothing racks with either the black or white background.  Fortunately, I was able to get a black one.  Although some may say Views has just too much singing and gives more of an R&B feel, the melodic tunes, music samples and production are just a few things that I happen to love about this album.  It definitely takes me back to how I felt once Take Care came out and gives a similar vibe and tone to me.  To say the least, Drake continues to stay on top of the game.  OVO definitely keeps him busy and I am looking forward to the Summer Sixteen Tour which was also made available for ticket purchase on the day of the release.IMG_9029