Taco Tuesday


Atlanta is definitely becoming the home of new and unforgettable places to dine.  Bartaco, located on Marietta St, undeniably left a lasting impression on me.  I am always looking for the new hot spots when I visit home and was so glad my friend recommended this place to grab dinner and catch up over drinks.  The ambiance here is very relaxed and inviting for a nice girls out.  We sat directly near the outside dining area; close enough to catch the summer breeze.  Before I even placed my order, I knew I would love it solely based on the vibe the restaurant gave upon entering and taking a seat.

There’s a nice selection of food as well but not too overwhelming when it becomes too hard to choose what you want.  We all know that feeling.  From various tacos, rice bowls, quesadillas and salads; all of which sounded very appetizing. We ordered guacamole for the table which was amazingly fresh and tasty.  I went with the duck and fried oyster tacos.  Great is an understatement! I also tried their rendition of Mexican corn which was a great addition to my meal.  Just enough chipotle-like mayo, cotija cheese and spices added to provide the perfect combination of flavors. If I hadn’t taken small samples of everyone else’s food, I probably would of double backed on the fried oyster taco.  The oysters were cooked to perfection.  Some of the girls ordered rice bowls with toppings of their choice and other taco selections.  The cocktails were quite refreshing as well.

It felt like a beach should be in near sight or accessible to allow for a stroll after drinks.  Upon reading the story about the restaurant, the beach and coastal vibes were mentioned in the description and this place definitely gives off those vibes.  Very chilled and relaxing environment.  It was perfect for our girls night out and I will definitely be back.  Their upscale street food is definitely worth a try.  Check out more pics below and pay them a visit if you’re in the Atlanta area.





In Formation


IMG_0159Beyonce probably has to be the biggest artist of my generation; comparable to the stature of how my parents feel about Michael Jackson.  After the visuals for Lemonade aired on HBO, I immediately purchased tickets for the Formation Tour.  My fiance’s bucket list included seeing Beyonce live so I figured let’s make this happen.  I definitely wouldn’t say I’m apart of the Bey Hive or a known Beyonce fanatic, so to make an executive decision to spend about $160 per ticket was definitely out of the ordinary for me.

Not knowing what to expect, I entered Citi Field in NYC somewhat anxious and, to say the least, highly anticipating just what to see from the Queen herself.  Dj Khaled opened the tour and brought out a number of guests including Yo Gotti, Kent Jones, French Montana and the Lox to name a few.  Khaled definitely knows how to read a crowd and kept up the momentum until the big moment finally happened.  The lights dimmed, flashed black and white and just the shadow of Queen Bey stirred the crowd in a way I never seen before.  Big Freedia’s intro to Formation played and there she was.  Effortlessly slaying per the usual.

To start with the hit Formation, I knew to only expect greatness from here on.  Beyonce has a slew of hits.  I watched her perform for over 2 hours; never missing a beat and never losing connection with the crowd of fans.  The experience was like no other.  She has to be crowned as the best performer of all time in my opinion.  Beyonce gained so much more respect from me as both an artist and person after this tour.  I am proud to say I got in formation with ease.  Check out some of the moments I was able to capture below.





An Evening Look


I am absolutely obsessed with jumpers this summer. I stumbled upon this little beauty in H&M of course; I think I’m a bit obsessed with this store as well. You can always find something cute to wear in here, even when you’re not necessarily looking for anything.  I wanted a nice look for a dinner but mainly wanted to focus on comfort yet staying stylish at the same time.  I’d been eyeing this jumper a few times and figured I would try it on to see how it actually fit.  It was perfect! Wide legged, made with the perfect material to keep cool on a summer night and was the perfect length with the right shoe.  This piece is something I feel you can wear for any occasion and can be dressed up or down, depending on where you’re going.  I paired the jumper with BCBG sandals that I hadn’t worn in quite some time but went perfectly with this.  With black, you can always add a pop of color with a shoe or accessory so I chose a hot pink sandal lined with black to compliment this outfit.  Dinner date ready! More full pics below.