Let’s get festive!


I love love love the holidays.  From the décor to the carols to the butter cookies with egg nog.  Count me in!  Not to forget the great festive looks you get to create as well during the holiday season.  Fuzzy sweaters are always a good idea for a nice, festive look.  Pictured here, I have a silver $5 H&M gem I purchased during the Black Friday promos.  I mean fuzziness screams “it’s the holidays” and I liked the fact it was a bit over-sized so I could pair it with a fitted jean.   I also recently ventured off in search for new denim.  I felt as if I needed a fresh start and lucked up at Zara’s.


To my surprise I could fit some of their tapered skinny jeans.  The light denim paired well with the silver so I decided to rock these versus a darker denim.  I originally pictured me wearing this sweater with black but I’m glad I opted for a lighter denim.  Okay, my next obsession is the rose gold Steve Madden pumps I’m wearing here.  I fell in love with these when I first saw them at Nordstrom’s and decided then I had to own them.  I went online to check out reviews regarding comfort and size comparisons and here we have it.  My new prized possession.  Silver and gold always compliments each other nicely when I think of interior design or fashion so I thought why not rose gold too.  The picture-perfect Christmas tree on Rodeo Drive made for the best festive backdrop, don’t you think?  Happy Holidays and enjoy time with your family and friends.  Check out more from my festive look.




Sweater- H&M (sold out ☹) Similar sweater here

Jeans- Zara

Shoes- Steve Madden

Birthday Bae


10/27….The best day of the year (to me 😊)  So here we are in October in LA and its peaking at above 85 degrees.  Talk about a good birthday gift.  Over the weeks leading up to my special day, I went over a number of things that I could do and just settled on the fact that I wanted to have loads of fun.  So my first trip for this fun adventure began by making it to the infamous Paul Smith “Pink Wall” on Melrose for photo ops.  I finally made it!!!  Yay.  For my day birthday fit, I decided to work with what I had in my closet.  It was such nice weather so I went with a black cropped top, my favorite ripped jeans from Zara and an all-black suede Steve Madden mule.  If you don’t know by now, I love me a nice mule.  I gave so many retro chic 90s vibes with this look.  I recently cut my hair so that added a different element to this vibe too of course. Although it is definitely fall, LA allows you to dress for the weather not season.

Afterwards, I went for margaritas at Velvet Margarita and decided to give Halloween Horror Nights a try for the evening.  I’m not one that desires to be scared but I went for it and had such a wonderful time.  Of course, a night in a theme park required a quick wardrobe change but overall this birthday was one of the best.  Doing something that was actually fun (including an impromptu photo shoot lol) First birthday in LA in the books!  Check out the great birthday shots I was able to get.





Malibu Wine Safari

img_0992California has so many different things you can do for a celebratory occasion.  For our 1-year anniversary, we stuck with what now seems like a tradition and traveled to Malibu to enjoy a day at a winery; Malibu Wines to be exact.  I’ve only been to one other winery before visiting here so I was excited to see what this one had to offer.  This winery gave me a very memorable experience and here’s a bit about what all happened that day.

So let’s start with my attire.  Seeing that this was my 2nd vineyard trip, I wanted to steer away from a long maxi dress or a plaid top with jeans.  I don’t know why but those make me think of vineyard attire.  So I went with a plain white top with huge ruffled sleeves and floral printed light denim.  I purchased both pieces a while back at H&M and decided this look would be perfect for a vineyard.  I paired this with camel colored open toe Steve Madden booties and went about my day.  The look was multi-purposed for sure; very comfortable for the safari and winery day activities but also easily complimented a scenic ocean view dinner at Geoffrey’s for later that evening. img_0796


Okay now back to the actual winery visit.  The drive to Malibu itself can be very rewarding. The canyons and mountains are very beautiful to see and often makes me forget that I am even still in California.  Upon arrival, we decided to grab kettle popcorn to take on the safari which wasn’t a bad idea.  Perfect snack for the road 😊.  Along the safari tour we fed llamas, zebras, and even Stanley the Giraffe.  Stanley is a fan favorite of the safari and let me get some great pics!  There are two stops throughout the duration of the safari.  On the first stop you try the white wines.  The second stop is saved for the stronger red wines.  A huge thank you to our driver for the day that shared the extras from each wine bottle.  I think I had two extra glasses for the road.  To say we enjoyed our time at Malibu Wine Safaris would be an understatement.  The tour guide, driver and amenities offered were all great and I will definitely be back.  Especially since I haven’t used my wristband for the 15% discount of a wine purchase.  Enjoy the gallery from the safari adventure below.

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Modern + Vintage


As I’ve stated in the past, I absolutely love vintage finds.  I think this shirt was about $5 at an NYC thrift store purchased several years ago. I just loved the colors and the linked chains.  It was purchased a few sizes up from my normal size so I decided to just tie it to give me that 2000s vibe.  Oh how we loved to tie our shirts in the front and the famous back tie and tuck in high school!  The jeans I think may be from American Eagle.  I honestly cannot recall but they paired nicely with this over the top shirt.  To mix in a bit of a modern touch with this look, I wore the over the knee Steve Madden boots I’m overly obsessed with.  The hat pictured is from H&M, also purchased at least 2 years ago and still finds itself to accent many of my ensembles.  When you combine a little modern with vintage you get this lovely fall look!  More pics below.





Summer in October


When it peaks at 83 degrees in October in NYC, you get a little excited like myself.  Perfect timing for shorts right?  I purchased this Pablo tee awhile back at Dash randomly and was in search of a shoe to rock with it.  Steve Madden came through in the clutch once again!  I can let you know now I will be wearing these over the knee boots pretty often.  I was on the hunt for just the right boot and luckily these fit perfectly.  So perfect that I bought  2 pairs; one in black and the other in taupe.  You can’t go wrong with a $99 boot that’s comfy and is well made.  It actually stays over the knee and doesn’t bunch!  I even tried the boots on with jeans and they still fit comfortably.

Seeing that I am slightly obsessed with dad hats, I decided to add a denim one with this ensemble.  I thought it added a nice touch with the royal blue and black contrast.  NYC you never cease to amaze me.  I will appreciate any warm weather I can get, no matter the season.  More looks from the citygal below.




Brooklyn summers


Summers in NYC are made for a nice tee and shorts on a perfect day. Here I’m wearing a New York edition tee made by The Hundreds and I paired it simply with denim shorts. To add a bit of color, I decided to wear my comfy slip on sneakers by Steve Madden. The rose gold compliments the black and white nicely. Also to add a little flair, I used a black bandana as a headband and made a cute little fun bun for a hairstyle. You also never know what an NYC night can lead to so grabbing a long sleeved shirt or light jacket is never a bad idea, even when it’s 100 degrees out. Just tie it around your waist and head out! More full outfit pictures below.




Greene St Vibes

imageLiving in New York, you come to learn that dressing comfortably is key.  I eyed this t-shirt dress from H&M for awhile and finally decided to just grab a small and see how it fitted later.  To my surprise, this dress fit perfectly!  A great investment for the summer and definitely worth the $14.99.  I paired it with a quilted rose gold patterned ‘Van-like’slip on shoe from Steve Madden.  These shoes are pretty comfy as well.  Pairing these with all black seemed to highlight the shoe more in my perspective and went well with this street comfy style.  I was Soho ready with this look.  Check out more pics below.





It’s all in the patterns

FullSizeRender (2)

This patterned coat was a must have as soon as I laid my eyes on it at H&M.  It can be paired with many ensembles and adds the perfect touch.  You can never go wrong with all black and a pop of color here and there.  I decided to add the brimmed hat for a bit of flair and the cherry wine oxfords just because they are my new favs and pairs greatly with this outfit. Don’t forget to grab a nice clutch or small purse for your necessities!


IMG_7122 (1)


IMG_7121 (1)

IMG_7123 (1)

Brooklyn Inspired

IMG_6868 (1)

Being a Brooklyn resident has definitely influenced my style over the past 3 years.  Often times you see people dressed with minimal pieces yet it stands out and makes a statement.  The plaid pants and oxfords pictured here surely give off the hipster vibe along with my favorite brimmed hat.  Originally I am from Atlanta and I can attest to the fact that an individual’s style is indeed inspired by their environment and choice of residence.  I am still true to Atlanta at heart but by way of Brooklyn, my new favorite pieces surely showcase my new style inspired by a borough I have also come to love and embrace as my home.

IMG_6870 (1)

IMG_6869 (1)

IMG_6866 (1)

IMG_6875 (1)

IMG_6874 (1)