Birthday Bae


10/27‚Ķ.The best day of the year (to me ūüėä)¬† So here we are in October in LA and its peaking at above 85 degrees.¬† Talk about a good birthday gift.¬† Over the weeks leading up to my special day, I went over a number of things that I could do and just settled on the fact that I wanted to have loads of fun.¬† So my first trip for this fun adventure began by making it to the infamous Paul Smith ‚ÄúPink Wall‚ÄĚ on Melrose for photo ops.¬† I finally made it!!!¬† Yay.¬† For my day birthday fit, I decided to work with what I had in my closet.¬† It was such nice weather so I went with a black cropped top, my favorite ripped jeans from Zara and an all-black suede Steve Madden mule.¬† If you don‚Äôt know by now, I love me a nice mule.¬† I gave so many retro chic 90s vibes with this look.¬† I recently cut my hair so that added a different element to this vibe too of course. Although it is definitely fall, LA allows you to dress for the weather not season.

Afterwards, I went for margaritas at Velvet Margarita and decided to give Halloween Horror Nights a try for the evening.  I’m not one that desires to be scared but I went for it and had such a wonderful time.  Of course, a night in a theme park required a quick wardrobe change but overall this birthday was one of the best.  Doing something that was actually fun (including an impromptu photo shoot lol) First birthday in LA in the books!  Check out the great birthday shots I was able to get.





Summer in October


When it peaks at 83 degrees in October in NYC, you get a little excited like myself. ¬†Perfect timing for shorts right? ¬†I purchased this Pablo tee awhile back at Dash randomly and was in search of a shoe to rock with it. ¬†Steve Madden came through in the clutch once again! ¬†I can let you know now I will be wearing these over the knee boots pretty often. ¬†I was on the hunt for just the right boot and luckily these fit perfectly. ¬†So perfect that I bought ¬†2 pairs; one in black and the other in taupe. ¬†You can’t go wrong with a $99 boot that’s comfy and is well made. ¬†It actually stays over the knee and doesn’t bunch! ¬†I even tried the boots on with jeans and they still fit comfortably.

Seeing that I am slightly obsessed with dad hats, I decided to add a denim one with this ensemble.  I thought it added a nice touch with the royal blue and black contrast.  NYC you never cease to amaze me.  I will appreciate any warm weather I can get, no matter the season.  More looks from the citygal below.




Summer Sixteen Tour


The day had ¬†finally arrived. After paying almost 4x the face value for a ticket to one of the most anticipated shows this summer, the wait was finally over. ¬†It was time to see Aubrey Graham, the 6’s own, along with my absolute favorite, Future, take the stage and give me a concert I should never forget. ¬†Especially considering the amount I paid for it. ¬†Gotta love resale right? ¬†I hadn’t seen Drake since his ‘Nothing was the Same’ concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn back in 2013. ¬†That show was pretty epic so my expectation for Summer 16′ was pretty high. ¬†OVO artists Roy Woods and Dvsn opened the concert which was fine by me since I’m a fan of both. ¬†I will admit the tone of the concert changed almost immediately since both artists are more on the R&B scale to me. ¬†However, as I stated before, I’m a fan of them so I appreciated their performances equally as much.

The moment had arrived. ¬†The lights dimmed and surprisingly Drake appeared on the stage first. ¬†I don’t think anyone expected him to come out first. ¬†Nonetheless, it was hit after hit, anthem after anthem that played throughout the garden. ¬†Just to confirm, he should be signed to Hit-Boy because he literally has all the hits boy. Okay sorry for that line but I had to say it. ¬†Drake’s set list was far from disappointing. ¬†The crowd, including myself, sung line after line the entire night. ¬†Even for those who will not willingly admit Drake is their favorite artist, you were bound to hear that one Drake song that you consider a classic.

Future came out about half way through and, seeing that he’s my favorite, he can do no wrong in my eyes. ¬†March Madness and Stick Talk will never get old to me. ¬†Bringing Young Thug, better known now as Jeffery, as a surprise guest was an added bonus too. ¬†Of course, Drizzy came back and they performed songs from ‘What a Time to be Alive’; ending the the joint performance with Jumpman. ¬†Drake then took back over and followed through with more hits. ¬†I will admit I was shocked Rihanna didn’t come out to join him to perform ‘Work’ but the crowd held her down. ¬†So after all of the criticism and never ending debates of Drake and his writing ability, “beef” with numerous rappers and arguments deciding if his music is actually rap or pop, one thing we cannot deny is the man’s talent. ¬†He definitely has a huge influence on our generation and is not going anywhere anytime soon. ¬†Views is continuing to chart and like it or not, Aubrey Graham has made his mark and is here to stay. ¬†I definitely enjoyed this show and even contemplated going to see it again the following night. ¬†Check out the merch below and be sure to watch the video too.








One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016, Views, has finally arrived and in my opinion, met its expectations. Views is coming from the one and only Drake and to add to the hype of this album, he decided to do several pop-ups before its actual release on 4.29.16.  New York was the location for the first pop-up store sponsored by Beats by Dre. Fans like myself were able to pick up the tee pictured above complimentary to show his appreciation and also keep focus and high energy on the long awaited album. Nothing too fancy on the inside of the store; just a ton of Views tees on clothing racks with either the black or white background.  Fortunately, I was able to get a black one.  Although some may say Views has just too much singing and gives more of an R&B feel, the melodic tunes, music samples and production are just a few things that I happen to love about this album.  It definitely takes me back to how I felt once Take Care came out and gives a similar vibe and tone to me.  To say the least, Drake continues to stay on top of the game.  OVO definitely keeps him busy and I am looking forward to the Summer Sixteen Tour which was also made available for ticket purchase on the day of the release.IMG_9029