A look inside BR99


IMG_0557Pop-up stores are definitely making a good stint this year in NYC. Bleacher Report teamed up with the owner of Kith, Ronnie Fieg, and hosted one of their own here in Soho called BR99.  There was tons of merchandise from tees, shorts, towels, hats, hoodies, etc.  Some items were branded with 99 for this specialty pop-up and other things simply kept the KITH name or enlarged K.  Since Bleacher Report is sports based, there were a lot of other activities one could partake in at this pop-up, particularly in the lounge located upstairs.  Being a big fan of air hockey, I was definitely excited when I saw this and decided to play a few games.  You could also play NBA 2K or even create a meme using popular viral videos that we’ve seen so far this year.

The pop-up wouldn’t be complete without Kith Treats.  The Kith store in Brooklyn, NY offers Kith Treats which includes their ice cream cereal swirl and a good handful of cereal and candy toppings; perfect for a hot summer day right?  This pop-up offered 2 specialties. One created by none other than the #1 NBA draft pick, Ben Simmons, which included captain crunch, cookie dough and Twix for the toppings.  The other one was created by the Bleacher Report team and included fruity pebbles, captain crunch berries and blue marshmallows for toppings.  Sugar rush indeed!

This was definitely a great pop-up to say the least.  Its open until 6/30 so if you are in the area, stop by and check it out. More pics below.








AirMax Con


Nike hosted AirMax Con during 3/24-3/26 in which they showcased all Air Max and their influence on the sneaker culture and footwear industry over the years.  This was a pretty epic event, especially if you are into sneakers. They were a number of reputable people there including Mr. Flawless, a custom jewelry designer and Matt Senna, who’s craft includes casting and bronzing sneakers.  Kith made a statement by offering Kith Treats creatively named to correlate with the Air Max theme.  If you wanted to get a nice touch up on your sneakers, Jason Markk had a team there to get your shoes back spotless using their custom cleaning solution which can pretty much remove any scuffs or dirt from your shoes.  Trust me;  I saw this firsthand. Of course you could buy sneakers or make a custom pair to add your own flair to  a new set of kicks. I happen to like the Air Max 95′ and the Air Max Thea myself.  Check out some of the things I was able to see at the event below.





Trey Day

There are often times I cannot keep up with all of the things that go on in New York City but when I heard about Trey Songz doing a NYC takeover, I had to get involved.  Last Friday after leaving work I decided to stop by the event where Trey is making an appearance to promote SX Liquors.  I have been a fan of this guy for years so I went a few stops up on the train from my job to check this out.  There was a good selection of SX Liquors to chose from and they actually taste pretty good.  It was a pleasure to meet Trey Songz and he was one of the nicest people I’ve met so far. A true Friyayyy moment pictured below.





Many may be asking just who is this Bryson Tiller guy?  The one who has pretty much taken over the R&B lane and everyone’s girl in the process.  The melodic tunes over somewhat harder trap beats, for lack of better words, creates a sound that is perfect for today’s genre of music and what we now characterize as an R&B artist.  Very similar to the soundof Partynextdoor, you cannot deny that Bryson is indeed one of the best in the game right now and headed to the top at a very fast pace.  I had the pleasure of attending the Trapsoul tour in New York at Webster Hall and this was an unforgettable show.  Me, along with the other attendees of the first sold out show, sung nearly every word of each track as he performed the Trapsoul album in its entirety along with a few other tunes that he has released this far.  I am so glad I was able to attend this concert in such an intimate setting.  There was a recent interview with Bryson in which he was in fact enlightened about the big deal it was to be sold out at Radio City Music Hall in New York city. I will probably not see Bryson so close and personal again for the price that I did so I definitely showed my appreciation by joining in on all of the songs and lived in the moment of this frenzy behind this humble R&B crooner that has for surely won the hearts of many.