A look inside BR99


IMG_0557Pop-up stores are definitely making a good stint this year in NYC. Bleacher Report teamed up with the owner of Kith, Ronnie Fieg, and hosted one of their own here in Soho called BR99.  There was tons of merchandise from tees, shorts, towels, hats, hoodies, etc.  Some items were branded with 99 for this specialty pop-up and other things simply kept the KITH name or enlarged K.  Since Bleacher Report is sports based, there were a lot of other activities one could partake in at this pop-up, particularly in the lounge located upstairs.  Being a big fan of air hockey, I was definitely excited when I saw this and decided to play a few games.  You could also play NBA 2K or even create a meme using popular viral videos that we’ve seen so far this year.

The pop-up wouldn’t be complete without Kith Treats.  The Kith store in Brooklyn, NY offers Kith Treats which includes their ice cream cereal swirl and a good handful of cereal and candy toppings; perfect for a hot summer day right?  This pop-up offered 2 specialties. One created by none other than the #1 NBA draft pick, Ben Simmons, which included captain crunch, cookie dough and Twix for the toppings.  The other one was created by the Bleacher Report team and included fruity pebbles, captain crunch berries and blue marshmallows for toppings.  Sugar rush indeed!

This was definitely a great pop-up to say the least.  Its open until 6/30 so if you are in the area, stop by and check it out. More pics below.








His & Hers


Camo and denim are definitely in at the moment.  The camo shirt that I’m wearing happened to get a little too snug for my fiance and he suggested throwing it out when we were spring cleaning.  I said I would naturally so it would look like I’m contributing to getting rid of some things that we just don’t wear anymore but I secretly sneaked it back in the closet for myself.  Paired with black denim overalls and the oh so famous ‘dad hat’ that’s very trendy currently, I was able to pull off a nice and casual tomboy look for the day. I cannot forget to mention  I’m wearing the comfy NMDs made by Adidas.  Adidas for the win with these! So the next time your significant other asks to help with spring cleaning and toss things out, take a second look and see if it can be of use in your wardrobe.  We all have to stay resourceful and this definitely helped to achieve the look I was going for.





Feeling like Pablo


Last weekend while doing some much unneeded shopping in the Soho, I decided to stop in the DASH store.  For those of you who may not know, the DASH store was founded by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.  They often have some cute pieces so I figured hey, why not.  It must have been my lucky day because I notice this bright royal blue tee with writing that looks oh so similar to that of the “I Feel Like Pablo” tee that circulated during the Season 3 fashion show hosted by Kanye West.  It is the Pablo tee!!  The associates eagerly said ” Grab something now if you want it.  We posted this to instagram about an hour ago and not many things are left”.  To go back just a bit for you guys, Kanye West held a pop up in the Soho about a month ago and the line was just way too long to even remotely think about getting merch unless you camped out the night before or just woke up and immediately went to stand in line around sunrise.  Without a question, I grabbed the only medium size left and left with an unexpected treat for the weekend.  Soho adventures never disappoint and I’m glad I decided to stop in.




Season 3



The debut of Kanye’s new line of clothing and album was definitely theatrical and worth the wait for the experience.  I attended the viewing at a theater and was overly surprised at the detail and amazing cinematography throughout the production of the show.  There were special appearances from the renowned Naomi Campbell, Ian Connor and Young Thug in the actual fashion show and the friends and guests of Ye’s are just too many to name but to list a few that I caught were Swaggy P aka Nick Young, Pusha T, Don C, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and the entire Kardashian clan. The sounds of the Life of Pablo pumped through the entire show and may be one of the greatest albums that I have heard. The gospel foundation along with the genius mix of samples and production from Kanye and a list of others definitely puts this album among the greats.  Take a peak below at some of the moments I was able to capture.