Palm Springs

Memorial Weekend was approaching rather quickly and my hubby and I still didn’t have travel plans.  Rule of thumb in our household, if you’re off from work this equals vacation time 🙂  I believe that Tuesday or Wednesday before the holiday weekend I found a deal you couldn’t pass up on better known as Old Faithful.  I am the BEST person to find a good deal on hotels if I do say so myself.  Saturday we hit the road a little after 8am and headed for our first adventure in Palm Springs.


During our stay, we stayed at Musicland Hotel.  It was absolutely perfect.  We had a nicely renovated room which reminded me of a nice studio apartment in NYC for some reason.  Possibly the layout instantly put me back into NYC circa 2014. The feature that got me the most was the cute swimming pool.  This is what sold me in the first place.  Needless to say, upon arrival we changed into swim gear and had a real pool day.  I think I stayed on the watermelon float for at least 2 hours.  The weather was perfect.  We even had chilled wine poolside which was also an instant hit with the other guests staying at the hotel.  During the day, my mother-in-law mentioned a site by Food Network (my fav) that lists places Guy Fieri suggests trying.  You just type the location where you are and his food recommendations appear.  How genius!  One of the recommendations included Frankinbuns which was perfect for a midday snack.  I went with the Chicago-style hot dog and it did not disappoint.  For future reference, I will be using this website all the time because sometimes it does become difficult to make a solid restaurant choice.  Thank you mom and Guy Fieri!


For the nightcap, we found a burger spot called Johnny’s located downtown.  This was a cute place which was reminiscent of like Johnny Rocket’s.  We decided to stop by Ace Hotel before heading in; this was a great decision by the way.  They have a quaint bar called Amigo Bar with about 3 booth seating areas and standing room only for everyone else.   I did not catch the DJ’s name but he definitely was in tune with music and the flow of the crowd.  What a perfect nightcap.

For this particular trip, we did not plan one single thing which worked in our favor.  Just a “go with the flow” vibe this time around.  For brunch on Sunday, I yelped a few places and decided to try Broken Egg Café.  I’ve gotten kind of hooked on bloody Mary’s as of lately so I started with that and ordered the country chicken steak for my meal. Neither one let me down.  Did I also mention they had $6 mimosa flights and there were like 20 flavors to choose from?  We also tried this and I think the strawberry flavor was my favorite.

Since LA weather has been sort of weird and rather cool temperature wise, we hung out by the pool again for a bit.  This time just to enjoy the sun rays and the book I brought along on the trip.  Nothing like being poolside with a good read.  I found a couple of rooftops that looked very promising and decided to check out High Bar at the Rimowa Hotel.  The ambiance here was unmatched.  They had mini booths, dozens of pool chairs and private cabanas for you to sit back and enjoy cocktails and small bites.  There was also a pool on the roof so if you wanted to take a swim or just be cute and put your fee in like me, that was perfectly alright too J I watched the sunset and became mesmerized by the shades of pink and blue that lined the skies as the sun went down.  I would highly recommend visiting this bar if you take a trip to Palm Springs.  You have to experience this for yourself.  The restaurant 4 Saints is also located in this hotel.  I did not din here this trip but definitely will on the next.  For Sunday’s nightcap, we decided on a good pizza from none other than Pizza Hut.  We enjoyed this right in the comfort of our hotel room and watched TV until we passed out.  I’m leaning everything does not always have to be planned or require an itinerary.  Sometimes it’s just best to go with the flow.  Palm Springs provided just what we needed.  Pure relaxation and chill vibes.  Until next time….


Taco Tuesday


Atlanta is definitely becoming the home of new and unforgettable places to dine.  Bartaco, located on Marietta St, undeniably left a lasting impression on me.  I am always looking for the new hot spots when I visit home and was so glad my friend recommended this place to grab dinner and catch up over drinks.  The ambiance here is very relaxed and inviting for a nice girls out.  We sat directly near the outside dining area; close enough to catch the summer breeze.  Before I even placed my order, I knew I would love it solely based on the vibe the restaurant gave upon entering and taking a seat.

There’s a nice selection of food as well but not too overwhelming when it becomes too hard to choose what you want.  We all know that feeling.  From various tacos, rice bowls, quesadillas and salads; all of which sounded very appetizing. We ordered guacamole for the table which was amazingly fresh and tasty.  I went with the duck and fried oyster tacos.  Great is an understatement! I also tried their rendition of Mexican corn which was a great addition to my meal.  Just enough chipotle-like mayo, cotija cheese and spices added to provide the perfect combination of flavors. If I hadn’t taken small samples of everyone else’s food, I probably would of double backed on the fried oyster taco.  The oysters were cooked to perfection.  Some of the girls ordered rice bowls with toppings of their choice and other taco selections.  The cocktails were quite refreshing as well.

It felt like a beach should be in near sight or accessible to allow for a stroll after drinks.  Upon reading the story about the restaurant, the beach and coastal vibes were mentioned in the description and this place definitely gives off those vibes.  Very chilled and relaxing environment.  It was perfect for our girls night out and I will definitely be back.  Their upscale street food is definitely worth a try.  Check out more pics below and pay them a visit if you’re in the Atlanta area.