Hello 2020

As we begin a new year with such ambition and limitless opportunities, I would like to reflect on one of my favorite memories from 2019.  That being a girl’s trip which celebrated my sissy’s 30th birthday in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  I could not have asked for a better group of girls to travel with for this special occasion.  I was traveling from LA and was the first of the party to arrive.  We had the pleasure of staying at the all-inclusive Jewel Grande Montego Bay Resort & Spa with butler service included.  I mean could it get any better than this? (Cues Fancy by Drake) I was welcomed by the friendliest staff with a nice rum punch. You cannot come to Jamaica and not indulge in a few good rum punches.  While waiting for the girls to arrive, I decided to have lunch poolside with an infamous Bob Marley daiquiri.  I knew from that moment alone this trip would be one for the books.


We had a few things on the itinerary for our trip.  On our first night, the hotel hosted a silent headphone party.  This was my introduction to this type of party and I had a blast.  The multiple channel options of different music provided different vibes which was pretty cool.  I would definitely want to attend another one of these. The following day we decided to be more adventurous and joined Jam West Motorsports & Adventure Park for a day filled with a slew of activities including horseback riding and an ATV excursion.  It was an all-day adventure but completely worth it for the experience.


For our last full day, we decided to hang out at the resort and enjoy what was being offered right there at our fingertips.  Laying out catching a few sun rays, indulging in the full salon and spa service and the unlimited cocktails from the swim-up bar were all ultimately apart of this day of enjoyment and relaxation.  There was also different water sports or beach activities being hosted by the resort as well.  A nice volleyball match in the pool or banana boat ride were just a few things that you could participate in.  Not to mention the mini-bars cooking classic Jamaican dishes fresh to order to satisfy your mid-day cravings.  This was by far the best day spent at the resort.

dcfb2f16-7a17-48bf-8cfe-1ac0a09f994dFor the finale, the birthday girl planned an all-white dinner which we decided to have at the steakhouse at the resort.  To make matters even better, one of the butlers made a special request to the chef to prepare oxtails for our party as well.  I’m still craving these oxtails to this day.  We finished the night with a champagne toast to more life, success, many continued blessings and endless laughs.  I still remember the sounds of the ocean as I sat on the balcony and reflected on the great memories this trip had given me.  From the start, I knew this trip would be special and the group of ladies that traveled to celebrate my sissy’s milestone birthday made it that much more special and memorable to me.  Yea mon!  I wanted to start the year off by sharing a great memory with my readers.  For this year, there’s so much I would like to do and have come into fruition for Lifeofacitygal.  Hence, I am making this a year of action.  Here’s to creating more memories and continued growth.  Stay tuned.





Dinner before Broadway

The dining experience at The Capital Grille is like no other. From the time my party was greeted at the door until the flutes filled with champagne were passed, I knew it was going to be a memorable experience.   Some of my family came to visit me in NYC and I decided to give this place a try for dinner before we ventured off to see ‘The Color Purple’.

Luckily it was three of us and we all wanted to have different entrees.  Well, lucky for me so I could do taste tests of the other options.  My aunt went with the lamb chops which was a great choice;  cooked to perfection and the restaurant gives a nice portion.  I went with the filet mignon of course, being a huge steak lover.  The filet practically melted in my mouth; the cut, seasoning and taste could not of been more perfect.  My cousin went with the restaurant’s special that they were offering at the time.  I cannot recall the type of fish but it was seared and topped with a homemade salsa consisting of peppers, fresh cilantro and avocado.  All three were absolutely amazing. As for the sides, sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes were our picks for the evening.  These both complimented everyone’s dish well.  I love restaurants with shareable sides.  This makes it easier for small groups and gives everyone a chance to try different things.

After having an appetizer, bread, salad and a full entree, dessert for me was out of the question.  To my surprise, our waiter had been paying very close attention and overheard I was soon to be married.  After our entrees were cleared from the table, he brought out champagne filled flutes and a cute little dessert.  Not only had the service been impeccable for our dinner reservation, but for the waiter to make it that much more memorable and special meant a lot to me.  We all left very pleased with an unforgettable NYC dining experience.  I cannot say enough about The Capital Grille in terms of the many things I was happy about.  Great choice for dinner with an amazing ambiance and superb staff.  I will definitely be back!