Brooklyn summers


Summers in NYC are made for a nice tee and shorts on a perfect day. Here I’m wearing a New York edition tee made by The Hundreds and I paired it simply with denim shorts. To add a bit of color, I decided to wear my comfy slip on sneakers by Steve Madden. The rose gold compliments the black and white nicely. Also to add a little flair, I used a black bandana as a headband and made a cute little fun bun for a hairstyle. You also never know what an NYC night can lead to so grabbing a long sleeved shirt or light jacket is never a bad idea, even when it’s 100 degrees out. Just tie it around your waist and head out! More full outfit pictures below.




Manhattan bound


Spring has arrived and it’s important to make good transitions with your wardrobe.  In New York, it often doesn’t get too warm until May or June so I’m always looking for something that compliments the weather here. This lightweight sweatshirt from H&M was a hit for me. It’s perfect for the cool mornings and late nights.  Not to forget  the $9.99 price tag which made it an even better purchase.  I paired it with an olive faux leather pant (also from H&M but purchased years ago)and added a pop of color with the blue suede shoe.






Space Jam


I found this Tune Squad jersey at a thrift store for just $5 in Brooklyn.  Yes, $5!! Space Jam was a classic movie that I watched over and over as a kid so when I saw this it was a no-brainer for me to cop it.  We can all agree the Tune Squad was definitely a good makeup of our now squad goals.  I paired these with the 11s, not quite the Space Jam ones, but equally as fresh. Jerseys are seeming to make their way back in as hot commodities so I definitely wanted to join the party and add this to my collection.










Brooklyn Inspired

IMG_6868 (1)

Being a Brooklyn resident has definitely influenced my style over the past 3 years.  Often times you see people dressed with minimal pieces yet it stands out and makes a statement.  The plaid pants and oxfords pictured here surely give off the hipster vibe along with my favorite brimmed hat.  Originally I am from Atlanta and I can attest to the fact that an individual’s style is indeed inspired by their environment and choice of residence.  I am still true to Atlanta at heart but by way of Brooklyn, my new favorite pieces surely showcase my new style inspired by a borough I have also come to love and embrace as my home.

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