About Me


Meet Chanteria.  A native of Atlanta, GA and currently California Dreaming.  I can now say I’ve lived in 3 major cities in the US; Atlanta, New York and now Los Angeles.  The move to New York was the scariest thing I had done in my life up to that point so taking my talents west was a breeze.   I am a lover of quite a few things but this blog was created to show my love for  fashion, food and events.  My style varies as I can be girly girly at times but can also easily transition to  tomboy chic.  Shopping is my guilty pleasure and I really do not have favorites when it comes to stores to shop with.  If it’s fashionable and cute, I’ll purchase it; no matter the place.  However, I will admit I’ve become intrigued with thrifting.

I am definitely a foodie at heart.  Food happens to be pretty high on my happy meter in life so I will showcase the places I dine for brunch, dinner, a quick snack or just dessert on occasion. Currently I am based in Los Angeles so a lot of places will be in California but I travel from time to time.  I will highlight restaurants in those places as well on my random adventures to other travel destinations.  So please join me in this journey and let me know of any places or things you would enjoy seeing on the blog.

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