Nobody Safe Tour

If anyone knows me well, you would be sure to know I’m a huge fan of Future.  The first date for the Nobody Safe Tour in Atlanta, the best city ever 🙂 , was on May 5th.  Without a question when my best friend asked me to attend, I was there!  First flight out of NYC to my hometown to share this moment. Okay, so normally Cinco de Mayo consumes this day without a doubt but this May 5th would definitely be different.  Of course, we indulged in the festivities and had margaritas for a little pre-game but the hype for the evening was this concert.  Unfortunately, it had to be the coldest day Atlanta had so far in 2017 and it was rainy.  Never mind these circumstances, the show must go on and my excitement for it remained at its highest.

After standing in the “mist” and cold for about 15 min, we made our way to our seats and waited for the show openers.  To my surprise, Young Thug graced the staged first.  He sung a few songs, repped his hometown of course, and wrapped up in about 20 min or so I would say.  Ok no biggie.  Enough time to grab snacks and wait for the next appearances.  Moments later, the man of the hour appeared.  Singing hit after hit and really giving the fans a show to remember.  Unfortunately, the Migos did not make our show or any other guests for that matter.  Since this is Future’s hometown and he’s one of the most popular rappers in the industry, I just knew he would bring out a slew of artists as surprise guests.  To our surprise the only guest was Trouble, an up and coming rapper in Atlanta.  Being the huge fan that I am, I could care less but I did travel many miles to share this moment.  Come on Hendrix lol.

As the night continued, I remembered thinking to myself and then telling my best friend “Future has arrived”.  To see the sold-out crowd and to be in Atlanta for this was monumental for me.  I often gazed the crowd to see them just as hyped as I was to hear the Atlanta classic “Itchin”, seeing them sing word for word to “March Madness” and the reaction to ‘Mask Off” was unreal.  Future has definitely created a lane of his own lane and continues to deliver, especially from his latest project Hndrxx.  I loved the production and melodic tunes from this one.  Just might be deemed my favorite thus far.  Nonetheless, I can honestly say I genuinely enjoyed this show.  Didn’t get a ton of photos or videos this time around, just lived in the moment for once. I did capture a few good moments 🙂 .

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