Modern + Vintage


As I’ve stated in the past, I absolutely love vintage finds.  I think this shirt was about $5 at an NYC thrift store purchased several years ago. I just loved the colors and the linked chains.  It was purchased a few sizes up from my normal size so I decided to just tie it to give me that 2000s vibe.  Oh how we loved to tie our shirts in the front and the famous back tie and tuck in high school!  The jeans I think may be from American Eagle.  I honestly cannot recall but they paired nicely with this over the top shirt.  To mix in a bit of a modern touch with this look, I wore the over the knee Steve Madden boots I’m overly obsessed with.  The hat pictured is from H&M, also purchased at least 2 years ago and still finds itself to accent many of my ensembles.  When you combine a little modern with vintage you get this lovely fall look!  More pics below.





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