Back to the Future


imageFuture has embarked on quite a journey in his music career. With the success of DS2, Evol and What a time to be alive, the sky seems to be the limit for him. After the collab with Drake, it only seemed fitting to have Future apart of the Summer Sixteen Tour. The two have undeniable chemistry on stage and it’s safe to say they both have significant followings that would pack out each and every venue.

I was excited to gain knowledge of the Futurehive pop-up store that occurred during the tour. Some of the merch was the same that was at the venue but, of course there were also other pieces that weren’t. Upon entering the store, you stepped right into all things Future. Pictures of Future lined the walls and all types of merch were available for purchase including dad hats, crafty ‘Wicked’ candles, pins, Freebandz stamped cups and even a limited edition 14k gold eagle pendant designed by GLD shop. Hopefully you were able to stop by or it came to a city near you. Take a look into the hive below.







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