His & Hers


Camo and denim are definitely in at the moment.  The camo shirt that I’m wearing happened to get a little too snug for my fiance and he suggested throwing it out when we were spring cleaning.  I said I would naturally so it would look like I’m contributing to getting rid of some things that we just don’t wear anymore but I secretly sneaked it back in the closet for myself.  Paired with black denim overalls and the oh so famous ‘dad hat’ that’s very trendy currently, I was able to pull off a nice and casual tomboy look for the day. I cannot forget to mention  I’m wearing the comfy NMDs made by Adidas.  Adidas for the win with these! So the next time your significant other asks to help with spring cleaning and toss things out, take a second look and see if it can be of use in your wardrobe.  We all have to stay resourceful and this definitely helped to achieve the look I was going for.





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