One of the most highly anticipated albums of 2016, Views, has finally arrived and in my opinion, met its expectations. Views is coming from the one and only Drake and to add to the hype of this album, he decided to do several pop-ups before its actual release on 4.29.16.  New York was the location for the first pop-up store sponsored by Beats by Dre. Fans like myself were able to pick up the tee pictured above complimentary to show his appreciation and also keep focus and high energy on the long awaited album. Nothing too fancy on the inside of the store; just a ton of Views tees on clothing racks with either the black or white background.  Fortunately, I was able to get a black one.  Although some may say Views has just too much singing and gives more of an R&B feel, the melodic tunes, music samples and production are just a few things that I happen to love about this album.  It definitely takes me back to how I felt once Take Care came out and gives a similar vibe and tone to me.  To say the least, Drake continues to stay on top of the game.  OVO definitely keeps him busy and I am looking forward to the Summer Sixteen Tour which was also made available for ticket purchase on the day of the release.IMG_9029





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