Who loves Dallas? Dallas BBQ that is


I absolutely love love love Dallas BBQ.  This was one of the first restaurants I went to in Times Square after moving to NYC and it never disappoints.  I’m not sure if they are more famous for their frozen drink concoctions or the actual food.  Either way, I always seem to indulge in both.  I decided to venture here over the weekend and have the infamous sticky wings and a drink of course.  I can say that the sauce used for the wings is absolutely amazing and the fries are always a good side to compliment the wings.  For the drink, I went with a new one called ‘beach bomb’.  Perfect for a mental getaway seeing that NY weather is still pretty cold.  The drink consisted of pina colada, pineapple and blue Hawaiian all mixed, which together created quite the drink if I say so myself.  There are several locations for Dallas BBQ and this was my first time dining at the Livingston Street location.  Overall, great food and service.  The music videos that played from the early 2000s genre til present-day and mini cupcakes they give you towards the end of your meal were a nice touch too.  Check out more pics below.





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