Brunchin’ It

Brunch has become a very very big deal.  It’s the best of both worlds.  A bit of breakfast mixed with lunch dishes is a pretty good combo.  Here in New York we often add a DJ and groups of about 6-8 people per reservation to make brunch that much better. Since most places offer a variety of dishes, I have quite a few that are my go to for a good brunch. Cornerstone Cafe in East Village, NY has a brunch that you can’t pass up.  The french toast is to die for. I had to order something to go with it so I ordered a side of bacon and eggs. Sidebar, the eggs come with breakfast potatoes and a mixed green salad.  The pancakes with the strawberry compote are equally as good.  To top it off, the finishing touches are accompanied with a refreshing mimosa.  You cannot have a solid brunch without a mimosa!  Cornerstone Cafe is definitely  a must try, if you’re ever in the area.  The Prohibition Bakery was another hidden gem I stumbled across while waiting for my table reservation.  They have mini cupcakes infused with liquor.  Since the cupcake box made a cameo,  I figured I would give them a mention too.



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