The $20 dinner rule


Burger and Lobster, newly introduced to New York, makes your dinner choice quite easy.  There are 2 choices and both are just $20.  First choice, the burger.  Classic with bacon with/without cheese.  Second choice, THE lobster.  The intentionally written in all caps because this was the winner for me.  The lobster can be either steamed or grilled and is served with plain or lemon and garlic butter. To make it even better, if you can’t decide whether you would like to pick the healthier side, you are given both a salad and fries.  Win win situation here. Needless to say, this place is a must try if visiting NYC (Flatiron area).  The lobster is beyond amazing especially with the lemon garlic butter to compliment an already flavorful lobster.  The burger is equally as delicious but I truly love seafood so you know which choice I made for dinner.




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