Many may be asking just who is this Bryson Tiller guy?  The one who has pretty much taken over the R&B lane and everyone’s girl in the process.  The melodic tunes over somewhat harder trap beats, for lack of better words, creates a sound that is perfect for today’s genre of music and what we now characterize as an R&B artist.  Very similar to the soundof Partynextdoor, you cannot deny that Bryson is indeed one of the best in the game right now and headed to the top at a very fast pace.  I had the pleasure of attending the Trapsoul tour in New York at Webster Hall and this was an unforgettable show.  Me, along with the other attendees of the first sold out show, sung nearly every word of each track as he performed the Trapsoul album in its entirety along with a few other tunes that he has released this far.  I am so glad I was able to attend this concert in such an intimate setting.  There was a recent interview with Bryson in which he was in fact enlightened about the big deal it was to be sold out at Radio City Music Hall in New York city. I will probably not see Bryson so close and personal again for the price that I did so I definitely showed my appreciation by joining in on all of the songs and lived in the moment of this frenzy behind this humble R&B crooner that has for surely won the hearts of many.




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